Levy Laus, 2 others die in helicopter crash in Malolos, Bulacan

For many motorcycle riders, the name Levy Laus was practically synonymous with the Laus Group’s BMW Motorrad Pampanga; arguably, the largest BMW Motorrad dealership in the country. Liberato "Levy" P. Laus, an industry icon was unfortunately killed in a tragic helicopter crash today. Laus' passing is a sad day not only for Laus Group, the company which he founded and was chairman of, but also the motorcycle riding community.

His helicopter, bound for San Fernando, Pampanga, coming from Pasay crashed into a fish pond in Barangay Anilao, in Malolos, Bulacan. Laus, along with pilot Everette Coronel, perished at the crash site. Another passenger, Wilfran Esteban expired while being treated at a local hospital.

Levy Laus chopper crash image

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), the helicopter, which crashed around 12:47 pm, was owned and operated by LGC Air Transport and left NAIA General Aviation hangar bound for San Fernando Pampanga at 12:28 pm. The cause of the accident has yet to be determined but overloading and the weather have already been ruled out by CAAP.

Levy Laus is considered as an auto and motorcycle industry icon. Laus Group has one of the biggest multi-brand automotive networks in the country, particularly in central and northern Luzon. Laus Group is also notable for hosting events related to BMW Motorrad, and just last January, the Ironman Motorcycle Challenge. Levy Laus was also instrumental as he led the Save San Fernando Movement, which lobbied for government action to build protective dikes to stop lahar from flowing into Pampanga’s Capital.

The Laus Group has issued an official statement:

It is with great sorrow that the Laus Family and LausGroup of Companies (LGC) announce the tragic loss of our patriarch and esteemed Chairman and CEO, Liberato "Levy" P. Laus. He was 68.

Levy to family and friends, LPL to colleagues and associates, he was a visionary and leader who championed countryside development with such idealistic and vigorous zeal. He made and left an ingrained mark in the automotive industry as well as the lives of numerous partners he inspired and encouraged, family and friends he loved and cherished, and clients he served and helped.

His untimely passing, unfortunately, came at a time when he was looking forward to greater things, not only for the LGC but also for the whole province of Pampanga, especially his beloved city of San Fernando.

He unfailingly demonstrated the exceptional values in business, integrity, and compassion in all his work. His enthusiasm, quick wit, and endless charm will inspire and stay with us always. He will be remembered for his love of and dedication to the LGC as a group of companies, as a brand, as a family. He will be greatly missed.

We request that, in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions be made and donated to the Levy P. Laus Foundation, Inc.