Patent photos show futuristic Honda scooter with gas engine


There are a lot of new motorocycles being developed lately. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be electric. However, new leaked photos have been circulating the net showing a new scooter from Honda with a conventional gasoline engine.

The images, filed with an international patent office, show its futuristic design but surprisingly very presently available gasoline engine.

Leaked: Futuristic Honda 110cc AT scooter image

The illustration shows a new step-through scooter design with what appears to be a one-piece body. The front shield and seat seem to form a letter “G” and looks incredibly sleek. Other interesting features are its slit-type lights (likely to be LED) in front. There’s also a flat windshield that’s curved at the bottom to attach to the handlebars. The side mirrors, handlebars, and brake levers are stylized to match. There’s an LCD screen in the center and buttons mounted on either side of the handlebars. Behind the shield, it appears to have two storage compartments.

What’s more surprising about the illustrations are the more conventional motorcycle parts. The scooter features telescopic forks in front with a disc brake. In the rear is a small engine, CVT and single-sided swingarm driving the rear wheel. It even looks like the rear wheel has a drum brake. Other than the unique wheel design, these components are far from futuristic and actually readily available. These suggest that this new model could be offered within a year or two. Some experts suggest that this bike will likely be powered by anything between a 110 to 150cc engine.

Leaked: Futuristic Honda 110cc AT scooter image

Of course, this is just a patent, and that could suggest a number of things. First of all, it could be to trademark and protect the design. Many manufacturers do this for both concepts and production models.

We’re optimistic it could be a production model though. After all, would you seriously put drum brakes on a concept?