Samar representative wants motorcycle lane beside the bike lanes

The Motorcycle Lane (MC Lane) continues to be a very hot topic, even now after almost a decade when it was first implemented along major thoroughfares. While technically speaking, the MC Lane is still “active” along the major thoroughfares that had it prior to the 2020 global pandemic, it is just not being enforced at the moment.

For the decision-makers that planned and executed the policy, the non-exclusive MC Lane gives riders a “safe” lane by requiring them all to use only a single lane on the road. For motorcycle riders, this non-exclusive MC Lane can be more dangerous at times, since it is shared with larger vehicles on the road. More often than not, these MC Lanes are occupied by vehicles other than the motorcycle and have stripped the rider off of his maneuverability.

Soon, an MC Lane might be in place for ALL motorcycle riders on all roads, whether riding small or big bikes.

Dedicated motorcycle lane alongside bike lane: Yes? No? image

Samar 1st District representative, Edgar Mary Sarmiento, has filed House Bill (HB) 10609, which is proposing a designated lane for motorcycle riders. Under the proposed law, motorcycles will be required to use a designated MC Lane beside an existing bicycle lane, which is located at the rightmost lane of a major thoroughfare.

“These bicycle lanes have been received with positive reviews and praise from cyclists and active transportation advocates,” Sarmiento said.

To simplify construction and to be cost-effective, Sarmiento proposes to just put the MC Lane parallel to the existing bicycle lanes.

“These lanes can be placed adjacent and parallel to the already established bicycle lanes as previously mentioned. Doing so makes it easier for both the builders and the end-users," he added.

Additionally, HB 10609 requires all new roads and highways constructed after their effectivity shall not be approved or constructed if an MC Lane is not included in the design.

Unfortunately, like previous MC Lane designs, HB 10609 does not specify whether the MC Lanes are exclusive to motorcyclists – just like the bicycle lanes are to cyclists – again, stripping motorcycle riders their maneuverability.