Food bike: Lalamove rider sells breakfast out of bike

Even during extended quarantines like this, with the help of technology, you can stay home and still indulge in your food cravings thanks to Grabfood or Foodpanda, or get your retail therapy through Lalamove.

This Lalamove rider offers affordable breakfast to fellow riders image

These riders are available for booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You'd think it they'd be overwhelmed with orders and bookings every day, but because of their sheer numbers, that’s not actually the case. A lot of times, it is matumal (few or zero bookings).

One Lalamove rider decided to turn these “slow days” into “productive days” by offering breakfast to his fellow riders at a fixed rate of PhP35.00 only – comparable to cellphone credit for a day.

Dominique Lopez, who also created his own vlog “Silog ni Lala,” offers a decent breakfast of fried rice, fried egg, and choice of (slice of) chicken, shanghai roll, or skinless longganisa for only PhP35.00.

He brings the food cooked at home in his Lalabag and parks under the shade of a tree along C5 extension in Las Pinas, just before reaching Petron. If you happen to spot a lot of riders parked and eating in the area, that’s probably the crowd he's gathered.

According to his social media post, his simple silog meals are usually available as early as 7 AM, and are quickly consumed by hungry riders. Usually, by 9 AM, he’s on his way home.

His madiskarte (resourceful) idea of providing his fellow riders a proper meal to start the day has caught the attention of some Filipinos living overseas. Touched by his care for his fellow riders, they've sent rice as a donation, which Lopez gives for FREE to lucky patrons.

So if you’re in the area during the early hours of the day, you might want to check out Silog ni Lala.