Do you have what it takes to be called “Lahardcore”?

“Lahardcore: The Lahar Invitational Challenge” will be the first motorcycle sporting event of its kind, set for April 13-14 on the expansive pyroclastic fields of Pampanga. Registration is now open for participating teams. Get dirty, muddy, and wet! This is not a race. Instead, the goal is to complete all of the 10 Lahardcore challenges.

Lahar Invitational Challenge set for April 13 to 14

Teams will test their agility, endurance, cooperation, and navigational skills over 10 off-road challenges. At the beginning each can expect to receive a route map and passport, which will be marked after every completed section. Although the legs are timed, how quickly they’re concluded matters less than overall success. Special prizes will be awarded to select Lahardcore competitors at the very end.

All street-legal motorcycles with proper LTO registration, excluding designated motocross machines, are invited to join… With registration fees depending on displacement. Early bird rates cost ₱1,200 for bikes 390cc and below, while bikes 391cc and above cost ₱2,200. The promo period ends March 31. Afterwards, registration will cost ₱1,500 and ₱2,500 respectively.

Lahar Invitational Challenge set for April 13 to 14

Guidelines and details will be sent to entrants after successful registration. Visit the official website ( for more information and further instructions. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected]. Those having trouble creating teams can join open group calls, via the event's Facebook page (

“Angeles City’s lahar-covered areas are the effect of ten billion+ tons of magma Mount Pinatubo spewed onto its surrounding landscapes during its catastrophic eruption on June 15, 1991. One of the largest volcanic explosions in the 20th century, the eruption displaced more than 10,000 families, including the Aetas, an indigenous tribe who lost both their homes and means of livelihood. Global temperatures also dropped due to the eruption,” states the event’s website.

“Today, 17 years after that fateful day, Angeles City has risen from the ashes and become a bustling metropolis that is the perfect blend of nature and urban comforts. Besides being a venue for motorcycle riders to meet fellow enthusiasts and to test their mettle and skills, Lahardcore also seeks to drive tourism to the city of Angeles, as well as opportunities for people to learn more about the Aeta communities and their culture.”