New KYMCO AK 550 Takes 'Super Touring' Concept to the Next Level

For maxi-scooter enthusiasts, KYMCO’s AK 550 is perhaps one of their ‘must haves’ inside their garage. This year, KYMCO is proud to announce the new AK 550 maxi-scooter, with upgrades to take its rider to a whole new level of touring.

The updated AK550 is designed to deliver breakthroughs that excite the riders who crave to travel beyond boundaries. Since its launch in 2016, the AK 550 has been the attention of the global two-wheeler industry and the most desired model of maxi-scooter riders. Today, with the new vehicle design and the upgraded electric control features, AK 550 marks another meaningful milestone after its first introduction to the world.

“Despite the international travel restrictions, I am very grateful that KYMCO is able to showcase the brand-new AK 550 in EICMA, as Milan is where AK 550 was first introduced,” said KYMCO’s chairman, Allen Ko.

Packed with Innovative Designs and Advanced Technologies

The AK 550 – which was named after KYMCO's 50th anniversary – is a showcase of the technologies and craftmanship that KYMCO gained from more than 50 years in the industry. Equipped with a rider-centric design, AK 550 has the perfect integration of sport and premium designs, offering an unparalleled "Super Touring" riding experience with the utmost attention to every detail.

New KYMCO AK 550 upgrades their flagship AK 550 maxi-scooter image

The new AK 550 takes the "Thrills of Touring" concept to the next level with the unique suspension structure, the innovative multi-layered floating panel design, the upgraded Daytime Running Light (DRL) headlights, and the latest technology of electronic control, providing riders with class-leading performance and ultimate riding pleasure.

The brand-new vehicle design makes the new AK550 even more stylish and elegant. Inspired by the piano keys, the new AK 550's premium center console features function keys that are classic, user-friendly, and intuitive. These physical keys allow riders to control the most frequently used operations such as fuel tank cap, seat cushion to access the compartment, mileage display, and handlebar locks.

In addition, the new AK 550 is equipped with Cornering ABS, and Traction Control System (TCS) which prevents wheelspin on wet roads and uneven surfaces.

Other new features include electronic throttle, cruise control, and electric windshield. The new AK550 is safer, smoother, and more comfortable than ever.

“With the new AK 550, KYMCO is pushing the boundaries of the meaning of travel and transportation,” added Ko. “At KYMCO, we put our customers at the center of everything we do. The launch of the new AK 550 demonstrates our continuous efforts to go above and beyond to win the hearts of consumers all over the world.”