750 to slot between 490 and 890 series

KTM will have a new range of motorcycles in 2022. Rather than KTM’s usual formula (e.g. 390, 690, 790), it will be a 750-ish cc. The 750cc engine and platform will bridge the gap between KTM’s current 890 range and its upcoming 490 range. This was announced at a recent Pierer Mobility Group (KTM’s parent company) conference

The new 750 series will have a 750 Duke, 750 Adventure, and 750 Supermoto. These motorcycles will be built in China in partnership with CFMoto; KTM’s sole distributor in the country. Like KTM’s deal with Bajaj in India, CFMoto may also develop its own more affordable models, based on the KTM 750 platform.

KTM planning 750 range for 2022 image

Unfortunately, this means that KTM’s 790 platform may be discontinued soon. The 890 range will take the place of the current 790 series, while the upcoming 490 range produced in India, will replace the current 390 model lineup.

KTM planning 750 range for 2022 image

For now, there is still no word on how this new model range will affect KTM production in the Philippines. Currently, KAMMI produces KTM models based on the aging 390 and 790 platforms. Perhaps they’ll simply shift to producing the new 490 and 890 range.