9th Touratech Travel Event dubbed Orange Adventure Rally in honor of host, KTM

Just get here if you can. That was the idea behind this year's edition of the Touratech Travel Event held at the beautiful beach of Unisan Sands, Unisan, Quezon. Last year, it was held in Aurora province.

Hosted by Adventure Cycle Philippines, Inc., (ACPI), distributors of KTM in the Philippines, the 9th edition of the Touratech Travel Event was dubbed the Orange Adventuer Rally in honor of its host brand this year, KTM.

As picturesque as the destination is, participants had to figure out how to get here with just the GPS coordinates that were given on the morning of the ride itself, similar to the Dakar Rally. Each team, composed of a minimum of two riders, had to draw the their own route, bsed on GPS coordinates. There were 3 possible routes based on the coordinates, allowing them to reach Unisan in Quezon, in any number of ways.

After the rainy but fun-filled ride, music, overflowing food and endless stories about adventure riding filled the night away.

ACPI, or KTM Philippines, has also indulged MotoPinas.com with the confirmation of the 390 Adventure's arrival in the country some time in the 2nd quarter of this year.

The Touratech Travel Event is a global ride and camp get-together for all motorcycle enthusiasts, newbies or experienced and regardless of motorcycle brand. The Philippine version started 9 years ago with the destinations becoming more and more exciting  each staging.