Will GasGas be another Husqvarna?

KTM is fast becoming "the Volkswagen AG" of the motorcycle industry, due to its sheer number of acquisitions and joint ventures. They recently announced their joint venture agreement with Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, GasGas. Although KTM announced that it was a “joint venture,” rumors circulating in the internet say that KTM has purchased a 60-percent controlling stake in GasGas. The Austrian giant has yet to officially confirm it.

The joint venture between KTM and GasGas did not happen overnight. In fact, in May 2015, GasGas filed for bankruptcy and started to look for investors to help them recover. Two months later, a delegation from KTM's headquarters visited GasGas' HQ but was met with protest from the Spanish workers.

Four years later, it seems inevitable that GasGas finally comes under the KTM umbrella. And, if rumors of a controlling stake in the company is true, it is highly possible that platform sharing among their bikes will be seen in the near future. Afterall, GasGas is known to produce performance dirtbikes just like KTM. Will we see a KTM-powered GasGas dirtbike in the future or is it the other way around?

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