Bristol Motorcycles may bring in the KOVE 800X RALLY next year

During the 2022 edition of EICMA in Italy, KOVE showcased their (then) new 800cc platform with the introduction of the 800X Super Adventure. Now in 2023, KOVE once again amazed EICMA fans as they introduced the RALLY version of the 800X.

Here’s the good news: the KOVE 800X RALLY might land here in the Philippines sometime Q2 of 2024, according to our friends at Bristol Motorcycles.

“As of now, the RALLY (800X) is already being sold in China. Hopefully, we can bring this model here in the Philippines sometime in April or May next year,” says Andrew Sy of Bristol Motorcycles.

800X RALLY vs T7

Inevitably, if and when the 800X RALLY lands in the PH, Pinoy adventure riders will compare it to Yamaha’s Tenere 700 (T7) adventure bike. For starters, the KOVE 800X RALLY enjoys the same 94 Ps 800cc engine as the 800X Super Adventure, albeit tuned to give power on the lower end of the rev range.

The RALLY is also slightly taller than the Super Adventure with its 895 mm seat height. Additionally, the RALLY enjoys a 293 mm ground clearance, 270 mm (front) suspension travel, enduro front mudguard, 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wire wheels, and a claimed 169 kg dry weight. A TFT screen, ABS and all-LED lighting also come as standard.

For comparison, Yamaha’s T7 has 880 mm seat height, 210 mm (front) suspension travel, 239 mm ground clearance and 187 kg dry weight. The T7’s engine produces approximately 62 Ps of power at 9,000 rpm. The T7 also features an ABS and a digital screen.

The KOVE 800X RALLY also boasts a bigger 19-liter fuel tank vs the T7’s 16-liter fuel tank.

If and when the KOVE 800X RALLY arrives here in the Philippines, how much do you think the SRP would be?