Jacq “The Lady” Buncio, at just 16-years-old, made an amazing debut at the recent Pirelli Cup, a support grid of the 2017 Philippines Superbike Championship with a record-setting performance on Race 2 of the Heavyweight (HW) Class of Pirelli Group 1. The racing class is open to superbikes 600cc and up, with HW A and HW B running together in a mixed grid.

The race weekend was Buncio's first time to compete, under the Kojie-san-Total-YRS team, using a middleweight class 600cc 2006 Yamaha R6, but moved up to the HeavyWeight Category B (HW B). This class and mixed grid pit her against seasoned racers who were using 1,000cc to 1,300cc race bikes. Jacq was also the only female and youngest female rider in her class.

Jacq was pushing hard on Race 1, leading her class and catching up to the 4th place racer of the faster HW A group when she suffered a high side crash that put her out of the race. On Race 2, determined to earn points, she set a blistering pace from the green flag. Besting 19 other participants, she finished with a best lap time of 1:47.35, outperforming many competitors in both HW A and HW B classes.

The blistering lap time saw Jacq awarded with the accolade, “Fastest Lady on Two Wheels” at the end of the race weekend.

Jacq Buncio

I’m extremely excited and grateful for the win,” said Jacq, the newest ambassador of Total Hi-Perf, the leading line of motorcycle and scooter engine oils by Total. “They (my competitors) were older and more experienced, but I think my advantage over them is that matapang ako (I’m brave and determined ). That’s how I am. In every race, I have a certain goal and expectation, and I challenge myself to beat it.”

Aside from intense physical training, Jacq also prepared for the race by ensuring that her bike was primed to perform. “I feel more confident on the track, because I know that my bike is in tip-top shape. During the race, there’s no room for worry or fear, because when you start to overthink and lose focus, that’s when you take a gamble,” she says.

The younger sister of the late Filipino superbike legend, Maico Buncio, Jacq has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, especially on the national circuit.

"People have said and many still think, ‘You can’t race with us, because you are a girl.’ I want to fight that and prove other people wrong. Girls do have a place on the track. That’s why I’m here, and I will continue to defy the stereotypes,” she said.