Z400RS could be in the works for Kawasaki

In the motorcycle industry, it is a common practice for manufacturers to share a common platform across several models. For example, Yamaha’s 700cc platform is shared across the XSR700, Tenere 700, the MT-07 and R7 sportbike. This goes the same for other manufacturers such as Honda, Suzuki, KTM, BMW and so on.

That said, it wouldn’t be a far-fetched reality that the Kawasaki will soon produce a naked version of its 400cc inline-4, ZX4-R

Kawasaki may be developing a ZX4-R based naked bike image

Photo courtesy of Wheeltek


According to the Japan-based magazine, Young Machine, industry insiders say that there is a “70% chance that a Kawasaki Z400RS will appear” and that “a 400cc 4-cylinder showdown will break out in 2025.” This last part was about a recent announcement from Honda developing 400cc and up engines in their newly established plant in China. It added that Honda will resurrect the CB400, all new from the ground up.

But for the Akashi-based company, all they need to do is tweak the ZX4-R a little bit by removing much of the fairings, swapping the sporty headlights for a round one, and adding on a couple of other things to make it a naked bike.

Kawasaki 400-RS

50 years ago, Kawasaki introduced the 400-RS naked bike. The bike, which was considered by many as advanced for its time, was powered by a parallel-twin 400cc air-cooled engine.

Meanwhile, if the 2025 (or 2024) reincarnation of the 400-RS is greenlit, expect that the new 400cc naked from Kawasaki will have the same, 80 Ps, inline-4, 400cc screamer from the ZX4-R, slipper clutch and dual front disc brakes.