New KLR, ZX-10R, H2, Supermoto launching in November

Quiet for quite some time, Kawasaki hopes to make some big noise come November 23, 2020 when they reveal 6 new models. Teaser videos have been posted on Kawasaki USA’s social media sites. Unfortunately, all they reveal are six bikes covered. However, as a spotlight shines on each one, the terrain they’re intended to traverse is revealed, giving a bit of a clue as to what they may be.

A writer from UK-based site, Bennetts, has been thoroughly studying the little bit that’s revealed and thinks he knows what these models are.

Kawasaki launching 6 new bikes on Nov. 23, 2020 image

The video only reveals the bottom third of the wheels and a few of the components that hang below footpeg level. He studiously poured over those details, plus the clips of terrain to figure out what they could be. Based on his educated guesses, he might be right.


Kawasaki launching 6 new bikes on Nov. 23, 2020 image

Firt off, Kawasaki could be launching a new KLX. This is evident based on the knobby tires and wire wheels. Tall handlebars and a flyscreen also poke through the covers. In addition, video of off-road terrain seem to verify this. The KLX is Kawasaki’s enduro line. It’s hard to tell what kind of engine will power it, but chances are, it’s from 250 – 300cc.

New Supermoto

Kawasaki launching 6 new bikes on Nov. 23, 2020 image


The next bike is obviously an enduro bike. You can tell just by the silhouette and the wire wheels. Yet rather than knobby tires, it has street tires. Plus, video of a race track seems to suggest this could be a new supermoto. So far, Kawasaki’s only Supermoto is the D-Tracker X. It’s only sold in a few countries like Thailand. Yet with the growing popularity of Supermoto as a sport, Kawasaki just might bring it back to the global market. Right now, the only D-Tracker still being sold is the 150cc in Thailand. Though we hope the newly launched one is a larger 250 or 300cc.

New Supersports

Kawasaki launching 6 new bikes on Nov. 23, 2020 image

On the other side of the stage are clearly three supersport models. Naturally, with their low and long profile, chunky street tires, and videos of race tracks, these could be no other than the new ZX-10R and a supercharged superbike, which could either be an H2.

You may have noticed that there's three of them, with two side by side. That's because the two that are side by side are likely both ZX-10Rs. It's possible that one is a ZX-10R and the other is the sportier ZX-10RR. Naturally, the one closer to the center is the H2.

Kawasaki launching 6 new bikes on Nov. 23, 2020 image

These two models, ZX-10R and H2, have not been updated in a while as Kawasaki has been busy with the Z H2 lately. Finally, it appears they’re getting some love again.

A new adventure bike

Kawasaki launching 6 new bikes on Nov. 23, 2020 image

This could finally be Kawasaki’s long-awaited adventuer bike. Based on what’s shown, it has knobby tires, wire wheels, and bash plates visible.

A few weeks ago, we talked about the possibility of a new KLR. The KLR is Kawasaki’s more hard-core adventuer bike that can go where the Versys can’t. For years, Kawasaki has lagged behind in the hard core adventuer segment and this new model could finally be their answer.

Unlike the current KLR 650, this might just get a bit of an engine upgrade, bored up to 700 cc to have a better fighting chance against the Yamaha Tenere 700 and KTM's 790 Adventure / Adventure R.

These are just guesses, but they’re based on the fact that many of these models haven’t been updated in a while. It’s also quite appropriate that they’re in segments where Kawasaki has been lagging behind the competition.

Till then, we’ll just have to wait until November 23, 2020.