Carbon fiber Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Racer Custom Model coming in September

Kawasaki Motors Japan has announced their latest custom creation for the Ninja ZX-25R, called the Racer Custom Model, which will be on sale for the Japanese market in September.

Will you choose this custom ZX-25R over a 400cc big bike? image

This limited edition custom Ninja ZX-25R is packed with goodies from A-Tech, Beet, Showa and Sniper — all aftermarket parts specialists based in Japan. From full carbon-fiber racing fairing, to a full titanium exhaust, and ZX-10R suspension, this souped-up Ninja is a total badass. Unfortunately, it is also not street-legal. 

This is because Kawasaki has plans to organize a Ninja ZX-25R one-make race series for 2021. This Racer Custom will serve as the race bike for interested teams. What's great about the upcoming racing series is that it was designed to accommodate riders with racing experience, as well as those without.

Will you choose this custom ZX-25R over a 400cc big bike? image

The Ninja ZX-25R is powered by a newly-developed 249 cc, liquid-cooled, four-cylinder engine with double overhead camshafts. According to Kawasaki, the new engine provides smooth, balanced power delivery from low to mid-range and still has enough to pull at the higher range of the powerband. It is directly inspired by Kawasaki's reigning World Superbike Championship motorcycle, the ZX-10RR. Underneath the fairings is a lightweight trellis frame. The new ZX-25R also comes equipped with inverted front forks, and a radially-mounted front caliper paired to a large floating disc.

Kawasaki Motors Philippines Corporation has yet to announce if and when the Ninja ZX-25R will see the light of day here in the country.