Over 100 new graduates

Last February, the California Superbike School returned to the Philippines at the Clark International Speedway (CIS) for the sixth season of teaching our local riders to ride better, safer, and faster with their brand of intensive motorcycle training.

Founded by Keith Code in 1980, CSS has trained over 150,000 riders worldwide and has been teaching local riders in collaboration with the Philippines’ premier racing outfit, Tuason Racing, since 2014.

California Superbike School Returns for Season Six image

The 2-day event was packed with celebrities and riders alike, with a total headcount of 55 on day 1 and 57 on day 2. This year's coaches came from Australia and the USA, led by Chief Ride Coach, David Howitt, coaching aboard their brand new Kawasaki ZX10-Rs provided by Wheeltek and Kawasaki.

The CSS experience is divided into four levels that are structured not according to rider experience but into levels to provide complete and integrated skill packages. New students learn basic riding in level 1 where coach Stephanie Redman stresses the importance of learning fundamentals first, “The fundamentals -- not to be confused with the basics -- are the skills you always use!”

California Superbike School Returns for Season Six image

Racing lines, throttle control, and braking techniques await in level 2, while prior graduates of the first two levels then move on to proactive technical skills in level 3 and culminate their learning in a final course custom-designed by their designated coach based on their performance in the previous three levels.

“It provides riders with a full understanding of the techniques and not just a situational fix,” states Redman. The extended seat time of a two-day course also provides riders a greater understanding, according to coach Damian Mackie. “They get the theory of the drill, then get to practice and experiment on track to build their own knowledge that they can repeat on their own.”

CSS Philippines is also supported by Cleanfuel, Euromonkeys, Stompgrip, Hitchpro Philippines, Termignoni Exhaust, Century Resort, Motopinas, and C! Magazine.