Motorist hit by Marilaque racer shares frustration on Facebook

The Marikina-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon Highway (Marilaque) has been the go-to place for many city dwellers seeking a quick escape. Its proximity, cool climate, beauty, and nicely-paved winding roads make for a welcome change of scenery, particularly during this pandemic with it's on-and-off lockdowns.

Unfortunately, this beautiful place also attracts unruly motorists and motorcycle riders who treat its winding roads as a racetrack and place for hooning. And for some unlucky motorists, what could have been a beautiful Sunday drive quickly turns into a nightmare if you're hit by one of these hooligans.

Erika Dalmino shared her frustration on Facebook when they were involved in a vehicular accident along Marilaque. She and her companions were hit by a speeding motorcycle rider, allegedly racing with his friends on the said road. The rider overshot a corner and crashed right into Dalmino's vehicle.

In her post, she reminded motorcycle riders to slow down when on Marilaque’s winding roads. She wants to remind riders that Marilaque is not a race track.

WAG IPILIT LUMIKO KUNG DI RIN PO KAYA. WAG RACING HINDI RACETRACK ANG MARILAQUE, (If you don’t have the skill, don’t push it. Marilaque is not a race track.)” her post said.

Make Marilaque Safe Again

Before the global pandemic hit us during the early days of last year, various motorcycle groups united in the call to Make Marilaque Safe Again.

“Whatever they [unruly riders] say, there is no denying that there is a problem. And the problem needs to be addressed," said Jobert Bolanos, current MRO Chairman.

Due to the influx of more reckless motorcycle riders who see Marilaque not as a tourist destination but as a race track, the tourist numbers are dwindling. These riders traverse the stretch at high speed, disregarding traffic laws, which often result in accidents. Many of the frequent visitors are now avoiding the area due to the higher likelihood of being involved in an incident with these high-speed reckless riders. Because of the drop in tourism, the businesses have also been affected, the group reported.