Marilaque racer unable to pay for damages

It really saddens us here at whenever other road users call us riders derogatory names. Kamote is easily one of the most common due to the sheer number of bikers who ride dangerously, with little to no regard for safety.

One such case of kamote riding we've covered continues to show just how many don't consider the consequences of their reckless actions.

We've been following the situation of Erika Dalmino, a driver of a pickup who was hit by a motorcycle rider in Marilaque.

To recap, Dalmino was driving a pickup along Marilaque when a motorcycle rider (who was allegedly racing with another rider) overshot a corner and collided with her vehicle. The incident cost nearly PhP100,000 in damage to Dalmino's vehicle alone, excluding hospitalization and the distress to Dalmino and her family.

Unfortunately for the victims, it seems that they will be the ones to shoulder the costs of vehicle's repair.

According to Dalmino, the other party who caused the accident has told them that they may not be in the capacity to pay for the damages, despite their written agreement. The rider has no insurance and is still recovering from his injuries.

While Dalmino also feels sorry for the rider and his family, the accident should never have happened had the riders thought of the danger their racing poses to other road users.

This is not the first time such an incident has happened. Remember the kamote who wrecked a PhP500k road bike?

Can the kamote rider’s license be revoked?

According to our LTO insider, in instances where a driver or motorcycle rider is found to be so reckless that it endangers persons or property, the Land Transportation Office could recommend the revocation of his or her privilege to drive a motor vehicle.

Additionally, if the victim’s party decides to pursue the case, the offending party could be charged with "Reckless imprudence resulting to damage to property” which could mean up to 6 months jail time, plus “a fine ranging from an amount equal to the value of said damages to three times such value, but which shall in no case be less than five thousand pesos (PhP5,000).”

Kamote riding hurts everyone

We don't like to lecture, but it's important to understand that reckless riding doesn't just hurt the rider but other motorists and individuals as well.

Racing on roads like Marilaque and Kaybiang hurts the local economy because tourists who used to flock to these places are now avoiding the area, fearful of being involved in an accident with these riders.

Want to race? Go to the race track!

We hope that this story reaches those who continue to race on Marilaque (or any public road) and gives them a reason to think twice. 

Yes, it might be fun at first, but if you get involved in an accident, the damages could easily turn someone’s life upside down. It could be hundreds of thousands in hospital bills or repair costs, even life-changing injury or death.

So if you really want to race and feel the adrenaline rush, go to the racetrack in Carmona, Clark, or Batangas. If you think about it, racing on a proper race track is still cheaper than being involved in a road accident.

Improve your riding

Finally, be more considerate on the road. We've written stories on the matter: Don't ride like a kamote: Part 1; Don't ride like a kamote: Part 2. We also supported advocacies to hopefully bring an end to hooning along Marilaque with the story, 'Make Marilaque Safe Again' campaign promoted with unity ride.