The new council hopes to unify electrification systems

It has been reported that Japan’s four major motorcycle manufacturers will work together toward the standardization of electric two-wheelers. Electrification in the motorcycle industry has its challenges, and the new Japanese partnership hopes to facilitate the process.

NHK has learned that Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki — commonly referred to as the Japanese “Big Four” — have all agreed to form a council that will discuss unifying standards for electric motorcycles. This joint task force is expected to focus on the sharing of battery specs and charging facilities.

Japan’s “Big Four” brands team up to standardize electric motorcycles image

Greater availability of charging facilities is something that Japan’s motorcycle and automotive industries both seem to be investing in — as manufacturers must face increasingly stringent emissions regulations around the world. In addition, the domestic market of Japan may be shrinking... Japan has an aging population, and fewer Japanese youths have been purchasing motorcycles.

The Japanese “Big Four” companies know that standardizing products and charging infrastructure will help make electric motorcycles more accessible and desirable for the public, hence increasing the market presence and infiltration of their electrified products.