New CFMOTO sportbike spotted being tested in China

Last month CFMOTO Philippines shared with that in terms of sales, their entry-level sportbike, the 300SR, comes at a very close 2nd to the 400NK expressways-legal motorcycle. At the time of the story’s publication, a lot have commented “hindi pa ginawang 400cc” (they must’ve made it to 400cc), referring to the 300SR’s 292cc powerplant that is shy of the TRB’s 400cc rule to enter the expressways.

Is this the new CFMOTO 400SR? image

Now, it seems that a “400cc version” of the 300SR is indeed in development, and the upcoming bike has been seen undergoing testing in China.

800cc or 400cc?

The SR-C21 concept bike was unveiled during last year’s EICMA. Designed by CFMOTO R&D Europe Modena 40 design studio, the SR-C21 is scheduled to be launched officially into Chinese market this year. Based on the looks, CFMOTO seems to be poised at utilizing the same powerplant found on the 800MT adventure bike, which is based on KTM’s LC8 engine.

Is this the new CFMOTO 400SR? image

However, based on the “spy shots” of the upcoming update to the 300SR, the bike seems to be packing a smaller engine, with a displacement somewhere between 400cc and 450cc. The bike that was spotted also lacks a lot of the features found on the concept bike, including the winglets, single-sided swingarm, SC Project exhaust, Brembo brakes, Ohlins forks and many more.

For now, it is kind of hard to go to any conclusions whether the bike that was spied will become the actual production model, or if most of the elements in the concept will reach production but will be sold at a premium price. So here it is gentlemen, the bike you were all saying “hindi pa ginawang 400cc” is now a legit 400cc sportbike.