QJ Motor reveals possible sub-400 Harley-Davidson

Reports of a collaboration between Harley-Davidson and QJ Motor have been around since 2019. And last year, we all saw the news that this collaboration is well on track. Among the details we gleamed were that it was to be a 338cc “baby Harley” being developed for the Asian market.

Now, QJ Motor — the parent company of Benelli Motorcycles — has released a new render of what looks like a small cruiser. It boasts of styling similar to a Harley-Davidson Sportster. This Sportster, however, is only 300cc.

Like what was mentioned above, this motorcycle was born out of an agreement between the American and Chinese manufacturers. QJ Motor, being the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in China, is the perfect partner for American marque, Harley-Davidson, to expand its reach across Asia with. In addition, QJ Motor has some experience building small displacement motorcycles.

Though little is known about this new Harley-Davidson SRV 300, the recent render suggests that the engine will be a V-twin, as opposed to the parallel-twin that powers the Benelli TNT 300.

Also, it suggests that the new cruiser will be liquid-cooled, much like the HD Street 500 and 750 that were made in India. The SRV300 should also be Euro 5-compliant, have ABS, and equipped with a belt drive, much like the larger Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Is this the final look of the Baby Harley? We're not quite sure yet. The release date and pricing are also yet to be announced.