Leaked photos reveal an upcoming 1,000cc QJ superbike

Motorcycles from China have really come a long way from being just *pantra motorcycles with parts copied from Honda motorcycles. With China’s mega economy, local companies were able to buy a controlling stake in corporations (mostly European) that were already on the verge of collapse and pump the needed financial backing to continue their operations.

Because of this, newer motorcycles from China have a lot of resemblance to their European counterparts, even sharing some of their electronics and components.

Just recently, images of an upcoming QJ motorcycle made rounds on social media. Though the images “leaked” didn’t say the bike’s exact specifications, it gave us enough info to deduce that this will be a superbike and seems to be based on MV Agusta’s F.

‘QJ 1000RR’

Though the upcoming motorcycle has no official model name as of yet, moto journalists around the world have already dubbed it as the “QJ 1000RR”, based on the “1000 RR” badge found on top of the right headlamp.

Is this an MV Agusta-based superbike from China? image

The QJ 1000RR is powered by a 4-cylinder engine and comes with full-LED lighting, inverted forks, twin disc brakes on the front with ABS, and aerodynamic winglets inspired by modern MotoGP race bikes.

Additionally, the QJ 1000RR features a single-sided swingarm inspired by the F4, while double-double exhaust pipes on both sides were inspired by the F3. While the available photos didn’t show the panel, it is very much possible that the QJ 1000RR will feature a TFT screen and some rider aides like riding modes and traction control to keep up with modern motorcycles.

Strat-partnership in 2020

In September of 2020, MV Agusta signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement with Quianjiang Motor Company (QJ Motor). QJ Motor is the parent company of Benelli Motorcycles, which it acquired in 2005.

“MV Agusta is a world-famous brand with a long history, and also an old friend and close partner of Qianjiang Motorcycle. This cooperation is not only a strong combination of the two sides' business, but also a further recognition of the brands and ideas of each other,” said QJ general manager, Dongshao Guo in 2020.

*Pantra is short for the Filipino word pang-trabaho, which means workhorse or those motorcycles used for tricycles in the public transport sector.