After PCX, Honda Click 160 might be next

Honda Philippines just unveiled the PCX160 last week and here are our first impressions of the new scooter. Naturally, the next question Honda fans will be asking is, "Will the Click be next?” Industry insiders say that it’s highly possible.

Honda Click 160 next? image

There are now rumors that Honda is well on its way to developing a new Click (Vario in other Southeast Asian markets), which shares many of the new PCX160’s components, especially its 157cc water-cooled, 4-valve SOHC engine.

The rumored Click 160 will also be equipped with Honda’s eSP+ system, idling stop system (ISS), smart key system, fully-digital panel, and possibly, an anti-lock braking system (ABS) for both the front and rear.

Besides those mentioned above, if the Click 160 is greenlit, expect a mild redesign and some decal updates.

Why 160cc?

Why bore up an already good scooter? The answer isn’t about more horses, but rather due to meet rising emissions restrictions. To keep up and be compliant with numerous and ever-tightening emissions standards around the world, manufacturers are exploring many ways of being able to be compliant without sacrificing power output. After all, to meet emissions restrictions, manufacturers will have to put larger exhausts that further restrict power to control the pollutants.

In this case, the easiest and probably simplest solution would be to add a couple of cc’s and strike a balance between emissions and power. Fuel consumption, on the other hand, would not be an issue. After all, Honda’s scooters are probably the most fuel-efficient scooters available in the market today.

Bear in mind that this is just talk among industry insiders. Honda has yet to officially announce any Click 160. But if the PCX is any indication, it's certainly possible. We’ll keep you folks updated.