Suzuki patents suggest a new electric scooter may be underway

Suzuki is best known here in the country as the manufacturer of the undisputed “king of underbones”, which is the Raider R150. First introduced nearly 20 years ago, the R150 is still by far the choice of underbone enthusiasts when it comes to performance.

Soon, we might be seeing the Hamamatsu-based manufacturer offering electric scooters/ motorcycles too.

Is Suzuki working on new e-scooter? image

Based on a recent patent filing by Suzuki, an electric scooter might be underway, and the silhouette suggests that the company might be utilizing the body of one of their already established scooter models.

Also, the patent drawings suggest that Suzuki might be utilizing a chain or a belt as final drive for its new e-scooter, with the powerplant sitting right where a normal combustion engine would be sitting. All the other electronics are located under the seat and is suggested that an air-cooling duct will also be utilized to cool the system.

Engine output, battery range, and other details are yet to be announced.

It is also worth noting that back in September 2020, Suzuki, along with the other major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, have agreed in a consortium to standardize electric scooter/ motorcycle components, like interchangeable batteries and other electronic parts to encourage customers into electric mobility.