Kawasaki looking into Vulcan with supercharged engine

Encouraged by the ongoing success of their supercharged bikes like the Z H2 and the original H2, Kawasaki may be looking into developing a cruiser using the supercharged 1-liter engine.

Is Kawasaki planning a supercharged Vulcan? image

Young Machine's July 2020 issue

This speculation comes from Japan’s Young Machine magazine. The publication released a rendering of what looks like a Vulcan with the Z H2’s engine. The rendering shows the recognizable intake scoop the forced-induction 999cc engine. Besides the engine, the bike itself looks quite familiar, closely resembling Kawasaki’s current Vulcan cruiser. If this news is to be believed, there could be more supercharged models from Kawasaki.

Is Kawasaki planning a supercharged Vulcan? image

Because it’s a cruiser with a less imperative need for high top speed, the H2 engine in the Vulcan will likely produce less power than the H2 or Z H2. Nonetheless, a supercharged cruiser would still be a unique one.

Young Machine has no photos or documents to verify the speculation, however they have been quite accurate with their predictions in the past. The group has worked closely with a number of manufacturers, so this may have some basis to it.