An old model could be coming back

250cc motorcycles are probably considered as the “premium entry-level” motorcycle in the Philippine market as their price tags are usually in the P200K and up range. These are single to twin-cylinder motorcycles that are also usually seen as the ideal upgrade for riders graduating from underbones, scooters and backbone motorcycles. 

Is Kawasaki creating a 4-cylinder 250cc ZX? imageThe Kawasaki ZX2R, 250cc inline 4-cylinder sport bike.

Some decades ago, 250cc was already considered big. 30 years ago, Japanese manufacturers used to produce inline 4-cylinder 250cc motorcycles. Among them was Kawasaki with their ZX2R. This bike was produced between 1989-1997.

We might get a taste of that again as Kawasaki me be thinking of brining this configuration back. This rumor is nothing new and has already been in circulation for quite some time now. Recently, Indonesian website, Gridoto, reported that the new inline 4, 250cc sports bike is already in prototype form at Kawasaki's Indonesian plant.

Is Kawasaki creating a new 4-cylinder 250cc ZX? image

Historically, 250cc inline fours have a distinct sound with a high pitch exhaust note. As far as the new ZX25R is concerned, it was rumored to “sound like a big bike,” thanks to its racing exhaust fitted as standard equipment. It is also rumored to produce 50 PS (49 hp); which is close to if not more than the parallel twin Ninja 400.

Details on the upcoming ZX25R supersport are a bit hard to find. Still, it seems Kawasaki definitely has its eyes on the new Honda CBR250RR as the main target. That being said, the new ZX25R must also possess goodies like LED lights, an upsidedown fork, performance brakes, ABS and possibly traction control and ride modes.

If ever the ZX25R is going to be produced by Kawasaki, it is targeted to launch later this year. Will it reach the Philippine shores? We hope so.