Honda ADV 150 getting a 350cc version

It was 2016 when Honda introduced the then-abomination of a motorcycle, the X-ADV. It's an adventure bike, complete with an adventure bike’s engine, dual-clutch, long-travel suspension, dual-sport tires, windshield and crash bars. Heck, it even has skid plates and handguards. However, these specs were packed in a maxi-scooter body. This is the X-ADV 750.

Due to its popularity abroad, the X-ADV 750 has encouraged Honda to create a smaller sibling, particularly for emerging markets like the Philippines. One such example is the ADV 150, which first appeared in the country in 2019.

Even with a relatively high pricetag of PHP 149,000, the ADV 150 continues to be the “dream scooter” for many Filipino scooteristas and is almost always sold out just days after Honda dealers receive their stocks.

Following up on its success, Honda has filed for patents for the name ADV 350. Yes, that’s a 350cc version of the ADV 150 scooter.

According to reports, Honda will utilize the Forza’s 330cc single-cylinder engine that churns out 31 Ps of peak power. The frame will also be borrowed from the Forza, and most of the upcoming ADV 350’s dimensions will be shared with the road-going Forza.

As of this writing, there's no news confirming the actual launch of the ADV 350 and its pricing, while some sources claim that the upcoming adventure scooter will be unveiled in this year’s EICMA.