CFMOTO showcased new adventure bike concept at EICMA

The popularity of adventure bikes has steadily grown over the past few years and the sales figures of the top motorcycle manufacturers confirm it. For example, in 2022, Ducati reported that it sold 61,562 motorcycles and 10,716 out of those units were the Multistrada V4. BMW Motorrad has also reported record-breaking sales figures like in 2021 when they sold 194,261 units, and about 60,000 of those units are R 1250 GS models. KTM’s adventure bike lineup also continues to be the brand’s best-selling units.

CFMOTO also wants to take a piece of the pie by having their own lineup of ADV-capable bikes and during this year’s EICMA, showcased their MT-X concept adventure bike.

890 Adventure R’s cousin?

Is CFMOTO’s MT-X concept bike the cousin of KTM 890 ADV R? image

Being a concept bike, the specs of the MT-X concept bike are a bit obscured and CFMOTO has not released any official details about the bike. However, it is no secret that CFMOTO, for many years now, has been the engine and components supplier of many of KTM’s models. That said (and like the current 800MT), we can assume that the MT-X concept may share a lot of similarities with KTM’s 790/890 Adventure R model.

Based on the photos and videos, the MT-X will also feature a 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel. Like the current 790/890 Adventure R, the MT-X concept bike seems to be utilizing an inverted U-shaped fuel tank, to keep most of the fuel in alignment with the engine’s crankshaft and distribute the weight as low as possible.

Is CFMOTO’s MT-X concept bike the cousin of KTM 890 ADV R? image

The MT-X concept also utilizes a rally seat, LED lights, Brembo brake calipers, KYB suspension, large TFT screen, and an Akrapovic exhaust tip that sits above the rear wheel – a clear indication that maximum survivability is in the minds of its designers, especially when used on extreme off-road adventures involving multiple river crossings.

Is CFMOTO’s MT-X concept bike the cousin of KTM 890 ADV R? image

As for the engine, we could only speculate that it may share the same engine as the current 800MT (same 799cc engine as the 790 Adventure) or the 889cc version that the 890 Adventure uses.

When asked when the production version of the MT-X will become available, a representative from CFMOTO confirmed “very soon.”