Haojue DR300 on sale in China, could be rebadged as Suzuki GSX-S300

Some Pinoy riders may already be familiar with the Haojue motorcycle brand. Did you know that they also make some Suzuki motorcycles?

In China, the Haojue DR300 is already on sale. It was first showcased at the Chongqing Mobo Fair in 2018.

A Haojue-based Suzuki GSX-S300 might be coming soon imageChina's Haojue DR300

Haojue is actually Suzuki's manufacturing partner in China. The company has been building a good number of export Suzuki motorcycles for years now. They're behind some of Suzuki's sub-400cc models, which include the parallel-twin V-Strom 250, and the GSX250R.

A Haojue-based Suzuki GSX-S300 might be coming soon imageLeaked patent application photo that may be the GSX-S300

The recently leaked patent application photos that are circulating suggest a new Suzuki motorcycle that looks strikingly similar to the Haojue DR300. It's quite possible that it will be rebadged as the Suzuki GSX-S300 in select markets across the globe.

While the details of the new GSX-S300 are still shrouded in secrecy, we could assume that, since it will a rebadged DR300, the basics may be practically the same. For the engine, it would make sense to use of the V-Strom 250's parallel-twin, bored up to 298cc and mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Like the DR300, the new Suzuki GSX-S300 could also be equipped with KYB inverted forks, full LED lights, a 16-liter fuel tank. For the rider, there could be conviences like a fully-digital instrument panel, and a USB charging port. An Anti-lock braking system (ABS) may also come standard for the new GSX-S300 to comply with European regulations. 

A Haojue-based Suzuki GSX-S300 might be coming soon image

Perhaps, one of the more obvious differences of the GSX-S300 from the DR300 is the headlight. Suzuki's features a more striking twin-pod LED light assembly as opposed to the single pod found on the DR300.

Additionally, the seat of the GSX-S300 is designed as one-piece, compared to the DR300's sportier step-up rear seat.


A Haojue-based Suzuki GSX-S300 might be coming soon image

Based on the information available, if the GSX-S300 indeed enters production, it will be sold in select South American and European markets. It might even find itself in the biggest motorcycle market in the world, India.