TWG for the Motorcycle Taxi with operators, stakeholders, transport groups

The Technical Working Group (TWG) for the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Implementation Program has reconvened yesterday, February 3, 2020, and has met with principals and different stakeholders of the program at the LTFRB head office in Quezon City.

Typically limited to smaller groups, this meeting, by contrast, was attended by the representatives of the 3 Transport Network Companies (TNC) participants: Angkas, Joyride and MoveIt, as well as observers from Congress, transport advocacy groups, rider and commuter groups, and other partners involved in the program development.

The meeting sought a better understanding among all stakeholders and a more inclusive approach to the MC taxi pilot program.

Just two weeks ago, the same TWG through its chairman, Ret.PMGen. Antonio Gardiola, had recommended to terminate the program due to Angka's activities that led to some legal impediments preventing the implementation of some new provisions of the extension. Following pressure from some lawmakers, the TWG for the MC Taxi Pilot Implementation has retracted their previous recommendation and said that the program will push through and will be “improved”.

LTFRB Board Member and concurrent Chairman of the TWG, Ret.PMGen. Antonio Gardiola, initiated the meet to discuss various issues such as the status and update on "taskings, schedule of activities groupings for the Facilities Run-Through, and the updates on the revised guidelines, including operational requirements, data sharing, and database development."