IATF gives its blessing for the resumption of MC taxi operation

The Inter-Agency Task Force on the Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) has recently endorsed the resumption of the motorcycle taxi pilot study program. With the pilot study program running, this may once again allow ride-hailing companies such as Joyride, Angkas, and MoveIt to resume ride booking services for the public.

“The IATF endorses to the House of Representatives Committee on Transportation the request of the local chief executives of the National Capital Region for the Department of Transportation to continue the pilot study of motorcycle taxis pending enactment of the appropriate legislation authorizing the same,” said the IATF on its latest Resolution No. 77.

If this pushes through, public transport onboard motorcycles will be available again, which is very crucial now that public transport options are very limited due to the pandemic. Also, there might be some additional requirements when availing of these services. For one, riders will likely be fitted with barriers. Riders, on the other hand, will be advised to bring your own helmet.

So far, Congress has yet to pass a law that would make motorcycle taxis legal in the Philippines. The resumption of the motorcycle taxi pilot study program is the quickest way to get these services operational again.