Husqvarna bikes headed to PH showrooms

Husqvarna’s eventual arrival in the Philippines has been talked about since last year. There have been several clues in the past.

It all started when Ayala Group’s KTM Philippines held a dealer’s convention in Palawan, which hinted of the Husky’s arrival with a display unit. At last year’s EICMA 2019 show, KTM PH executives happily posed besides Husqvarna motorcycles on display.

Just in September of this year, Ayala Corporation re-organized its structure to create a separate motorcycle division, which makes room for both the KTM and Husqvarna brands. As Husqvarna motorcycles arrive in Philippine showrooms, many are asking, "When’s the launch?”

Husqvarna now in the PH, but where’s the official launch? image

Husqvarna lineup

The Husqvarna lineup starts with the Svartpilen 400, which the brand calls the Urban Explorer. This model is priced at PhP295,000.

Next up is the Vitpilen 401, called Light Footed. This one is priced at PhP315,000.

The third model is the Svartpilen 200 called the Urban Hero. This is easily the most affordable at PhP175,000.

Husqvarna says all three are already available for reservation. All units are fitted with ABS as standard. Husqvarna PH also says that all 401 models are "expressway legal."

Launch date

We asked KTM PH if there are any planned events with regard to the official launch of the Husqvarna marque here in the country. They simply said that, “it's up to the dealers.” It is also very much safe to assume that the ongoing pandemic may have a hand in Ayala Corporation’s decision to save the Husky’s official launch until a later date. The group is probably just playing it safe.

With Christmas fast approaching, it's unlikely there will be a big event this month. However, that certainly opens up possibilities for January 2021.

Still, if you guys want to see the new Husqvarna units in the flesh, you may visit KTM BGC and KTM Quezon Avenue showrooms.