Honda Racing Corporation makes track-ready Grom 125

Last week, we reported about Honda's updated 2021 MSX 125 Grom, complete with customizable body panels. Now, just days from the launch, Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), the division behind Honda's MotoGP team, has made a race-only version of the MSX 125 Grom.

A Grom Cup race bike during a race held at the Twin Ring Motegi in 2017.

According to HRC, these specialized MSX 125 Groms will be for competitors participating in the one-make HRC Grom Cup in Japan. The competitive series is composed of various teams racing identical, race-ready Grom motorcycles for a championship title.

HRC makes a Grom 125 race bike image

These bikes are no push over, having been carefully modified by HRC. They come with a race harness, ECU, HRC body panels and belly pan. It rolls on race-spec tires, and race-spec exhaust, and are obviously not street legal.

HRC makes a Grom 125 race bike image

Sadly up until now, Honda Philippines has yet to introduce the Grom here in the country and interested enthusiasts are at the mercy of gray market importers.

Would you buy an HRC Grom if it were available here in the country? And if there was a Grom one-make series, would you join?