Reigning WSBK champion, Jonathan Rea, rides motorcyce despite quarantine

With a lockdown being imposed in many countries due to the coronavirus threat, many riders are getting creative in order to scratch that riding itch. In our past article, we showed how some have found ways to get their ride on. There, we see regular Joes and even pro trials rider, Toni Bou, doing absurd things with their motorcycles out or boredom. Others are making most of the time to stay in shape, like Graham Jarvis, Mario Roman, Taylor Robert, and BMW GS rider, Stephanie Rowe.

Reigning World Superbike (WSBK) champion, Jonathan Rea, has found a creative way to ride his bike (while also drawing the ire of his wife).

In the video posted on his official Twitter account, Rea has become frustrated over the fact that he cannot ride his motorcycle. “I'm over this. I just need to ride my bike.” His wife, finding his frustration as childish as an 8-year-old boy, dismissed it and responded by saying “get on your bike then!”

Without any second thoughts, Rea immediately jumped on, wore his helmet and rode his little Kawasaki pit bike inside their home – angering his wife in the process.

Of course, this is just a playful way to scratch the itch during the quarantine period. Good thing he has a pit bike small enough to ride indoors. If this teaches us anything, even super athletes are just as frustrated with the lockdown as we are.