Honda files patent for smaller Monkey off-road bike

Honda has recently filed a patent for what appears to be a small motorcycle model. Based on the drawing, its large wheels in proportion to the body suggest it may be a small off-road model, maybe even smaller than the current Monkey.

Honda working on smaller Monkey image

The most obvious clue is the shorter wheelbase. It’s shorter overall than the current Monkey. The suspension setup appears very similar. The handlebars have been brought closer to the rider. Experts have noted that the engine appears to be mounted at the axle rather than the typical unit construction. Other differences include a smaller fuel tank, and a battery mounted in front of the handlebar.

Though it’s just a blueprint of a frame, the design seems to suggest it could be something under 100cc. Much of the platform looks very similar to the Monkey. Why the battery is mounted in front is anyone’s guess. However, it may be covered up by fairing when closer to production.

Honda working on smaller Monkey image

Since the Monkey has just recently been updated (abroad), chances are this is not a replacement, but rather a new, smaller model or variant to be sold alongside it. Maybe a new Z50?