Honda files patent for radar system on motorcycles

When the modern radar was invented just before the outbreak of WW2, the only things large enough to carry its massive system were battleships or aircraft carriers. With the advance of technology over the last 80 years, radar technology has been shrunk to the size of a GoPro and its applications to motorcycle safety are endless.

Future Honda motorcycles could be RADAR-equipped image

Like the new Ducati Multistrada V4 (radar-equipped models coming soon), and some future KTM, BMW, and Kawasaki motorcycles as well, Honda is following suit. 

Proof of this is Honda's recent filing of patents on what looks to be a radar system for their future motorcycles. At the moment, it seems the CRF 1100L Africa Twin will be among the first to get it.

Future Honda motorcycles could be RADAR-equipped image

Based on the patent that was filed, the radar, dubbed as a “driving support sensor”, will be placed just below the Africa Twin’s daytime running lights (DRLs). Also, the images suggest that a camera is placed in the middle-top of the DRLs, which hints at the possibility that the system could also aid the radar in detecting brake lights (vehicle in front), traffic lights, or other objects that the radar can’t see.

Future Honda motorcycles could be RADAR-equipped image

At the rear, a pair of radars will alert the rider of vehicles on his or her blind spot, as well as vehicles directly behind.

These systems, which are already fitted on cars like Volvos, Fords, Mercedes-Benzes, Subarus, and Nissans, scan the road ahead (or behind) for other vehicles. If it senses that a vehicle is too close, it will warn the driver through warning lights and audible sounds. If the rider does not react, it may even apply the brake at the last possible second to attempt to avoid a collision.