Honda patents electronic clutch system

Knowing how to control a motorcycle’s clutch is probably one of the first basics that a rider should learn. And mastering the clutch requires some skills, especially when the riding involves a bit of off-roading.

Of the many motorcycle brands out there, only a few could offer a light clutch like a Honda motorcycle. You can ask any motorcycle rider of road bikes to off-road bikes, Honda motorcycles have some of lightest clutches in the market.

Honda working on a

In a recent patent filed by the Japanese motorcycle maker, the new electronic clutch, in some ways, works in the same way as a modern motorcycle’s ride-by-wire system. The system will be linked to the motorcycle’s ECU and check in with other sensors within the motorcycle to determine the optimum pressure and timing to control the clutch engaging and releasing.

Based on the drawings filed by Honda, it seems that the clutch lever and clutch master looks like a typical hydraulic clutch in today’s motorcycles. However, instead of fluid, it is wired to a pressure control unit to give it a typical clutch feel.

The clutch plates will then be engaged and re-engaged through an electronic pump.

Honda working on a

The new system will also take into account data coming from the other sensors in a motorcycle, like the degree of throttle opening, RPM, actual speed, and angle sensors to help it determine the optimum pressure it would give the clutch plates inside the engine.

The possibilities of this system are interesting as it can be fitted in a fully automatic, gas ‘n go motorcycle or a full manual motorcycle, all while still offering the feel of a conventional manual with engine brake.