Honda launches U-GO for the Chinese market

Electrification of motorcycles has a long way to go before being widely accepted in the Philippines. Our neighbors like India, Singapore and just recently, Indonesia are already getting ready to embrace it. However, it may not be too long before we adopt a policy of electric-only mobility.

In anticipation of this, Honda has recently launched their newest e-scooter for the Chinese market. Dubbed the U-GO, it is intended to go against the more affordable electric scooters proliferating in the Mainland, but with the promise of Honda’s expertise and reliability.

Honda launches new e-scooter, P58K image

The U-GO, is offered in low-speed and high-speed versions. For the low-speed version, it will be powered by an 800W hub motor with a claimed peak power of 1.2kW and a top speed of 43 kilometers per hour.

The U-GO high-speed version, on the other hand, is equipped with 1,200W hub motor with a claimed peak output of up to 1.8kW and top speed of 53 kilometers per hour.

Both models will come equipped with a 48V, 30Ah lithium-ion battery with a claimed range of up to 65 kilometers. An additional battery pack can extend the range to 130 kilometers in one full charge.

Modern features

The U-GO already offers customers stylish features not commonly found on other entry-level e-scooters.

Honda launches new e-scooter, P58K image

A relatively large LCD screen will show all of the crucial information that the rider needs like speed, range, battery charge, and many more. To further save on battery power, the U-GO sports all-LED lighting with daylight running lights (DRL). For practicality, it boasts of storage capacity of 26 liters.

The U-GO rides on standard 12 and 10-inch alloy wheels for the front and rear, respectively. Price starts at CnY 7,499 (about PhP 58.390) for the low-speed version, while the high-speed version will retail at Cny 7,999 (about PhP 62,300). Though these models are only for the Chinese market, insiders from Honda say that the U-GO is also slated for international release within the next few months.

How much do you think will be the SRP of the U-GO if it lands in the PH?