Two new ultra-light commercial vehicles

Honda recently revealed plans for its booth at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. We talked about the upcoming CT125. Another model Honda will premiere to the world will by the Benly e: and Gyro e: electric bikes.

These two models are envisioned as mobility solutions for small businesses. They are both powered by Honda's Mobile Power Pack which is already being used by the PCX electric model, and being tested locally in the island of Romblon.

Honda to launch Benly and Gyro e at 2019 Tokyo Motor Show image

Through electrification, the environmental performance and quietness of these models have been improved without compromising the features people expect of ultra light commercial vehicles.

The Gyro e is the electric version of the original Honda Gyro three-wheeler. This unique articulated model, which still allows the front of the bike to turn and lean separately, proved popular in Asian markets and Japanese fish markets like Tsukiji.

Honda has not released much details on the Benly e: or Gyro e:, but since they're not designed to be for personal use, do not expect any impressive performance figures. We'll know more when they're formally launched at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.