Honda says inspect, gear up, and plan when riding in the rainy season

The rainy season in the Philippines has started and with it comes more challenging conditions on the road along with new guidelines from the government for traveling during the pandemic.

As an advocate of road safety, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the number 1 motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines, lists some of the safety measures that riders must be mindful of when driving in the rain or along a wet road.

Before leaving, inspect your bike

Because the rain can make the road more slippery, it’s important to make sure your bike is well equipped to handle the change in weather.

Check your tires to make sure they are properly inflated with the recommended tire pressure. Look at the grooves on your tires and ensure there’s deep enough tread to channel water. Check your brakes and make sure your pads are thick enough for safe use. Finally, check your fluids and make sure you’re not leaking oil. This is not only dangerous for your but for other drivers as well.

Gear up for the weather

Heavy rain can put a damper on your ride, whether for leisure or commuting to and from work. Don’t lose time waiting for the rain to subside. If you have water-resistant gear, wear it or at least bring it with you so you can put it on once it starts to drizzle. It’s also smart to bring along extra plastic bags. You can use these to wrap around regular bags or sensitive materials like a phone and protect it from getting wet.

Don’t stop in the middle of the road or under overpasses to put on your rain gear. Find a safe spot on the side of the road, away from traffic to do this.

Prep your helmet for the rain. Full-face helmets provide better protection compared to half-face helmets. Of course, fogging can become a problem in the rain. If this happens to you frequently, open up your visor a little bit for ventilation. At home, wipe the inside surface of your helmet visor with an anti-fogging treatment if you have any.

Plan your route

When heading out, plan some safe places to stop in case there’s a downpour. Downpours are very difficult ride through even with the right rain gear. If you’d rather not risk it, find a safe, shaded area to stop — away from vehicular traffic — to wait out the rain. A good idea is to save these locations on your phone navigation app so you can quickly find them when the weather turns for worse.

Keep track of flood prone areas. There are several areas along your route that are likely flood prone. Remember where they are and try to avoid them during the rainy season. Any sudden downpour can instantly make them impassable, leaving you stranded. Before heading out, plan out alternate routes around them.

Go slow

Riding in wet conditions requires extra care. Dirt, oil, and even road markings, when mixed with water can become slippery. As such, ride slower when it’s raining. This will help you react more quickly and even avoid some of these obstacles on the road.

Honda shares tips for riding in the rain image

Choose the right motorcycle

Motorcycles are becoming an efficient mode of transportation for commuters as they brave through these challenging times. Honda’s lineup of models, which include the BeAT, Genio, Click, PCX150, Airblade150, and ADV150, are great choices for commuting, even during the rain.

For HPI, your safety on the road is always a top priority. With its “One Dream” campaign, Honda aims to bring this mission of road safety and responsibility to all Filipinos while allowing everyone to experience the joy of mobility that only its line-up of motorcycle models can provide.