A breakdown of the 2020 Honda CRF lineup

Honda has been at it again, updating its CRF range of dirt bikes for 2020. While the fifth-generation CRF450R debuted back in 2017, Honda vastly improved the CRF lineup in 2018 to 2019. For the 2020 model year, Honda has given several of its motocrossers even more upgrades. The changes are applied to the Honda CRF range of performance dirt bikes, enduro raiders, trail bikes, and dual sports — which will be released globally later this year.

Honda reveals its upgraded 2020 CRF line of dirt bikes image


The 2020 Honda CRF450R motocrosser is the Japanese brand’s full-size flagship off-roader. This platform is fielded by HRC in competition. For 2020, it gets Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) developed through HRC’s racing efforts. The HSTC system has three levels, adjusting power delivery according to rpm to improve competitive success in all track conditions. Balance and handling are improved through revised Showa suspension, while the CRF450R’s battery is relocated by 28 mm for a lower center of gravity. The rear brake pad is now better and more durable, while the 2020 CRF450R receives Dunlop Geomax MX3S knobby tires. It costs $9,399 and global availability in the color Red has been announced for July 2019.

Honda reveals its upgraded 2020 CRF line of dirt bikes image


The 2020 Honda CRF450RX enduro is for closed course off-road racing. This also receives Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) among the other upgrades enjoyed by the CRF450R such as the relocated battery and revised Showa suspension. To maximize performance for its competitive designation, the 2020 CRF450RX has an ECU specific to the model. Other distinguishable characteristics include its larger plastic fuel tank (unlike the CRF450R’s titanium tank), aluminum side stand, 18-inch rear wheel (compared to the CRF450R’s 19-inch rear), and Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires. It will globally be available in Red around August 2019 at $9,699.

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The 2020 Honda CRF450RWE special “Works Edition” debuted in 2019. For 2020, this elite machine becomes the first Honda motocrosser to receive a full titanium Yoshimura exhaust system, from header pipe to muffler, with some beautiful bluing. The 2020 CRF450RWE also gets Renthal dual compound handlebar grips and updated graphics, reminiscent of HRC’s Team Honda race machines. It will be globally available in Red around August 2019, priced at $11,999.

Honda reveals its upgraded 2020 CRF line of dirt bikes image


The street-legal Honda CRF450L dual sport and CRF450X off-road raider saw big changes last year. For 2020, these two machines remain unchanged but get new graphics. Both will be globally available in Red, come September 2019. The 2020 CRF450X will cost $9,799 and the 2020 CRF450L will sell for $10,399.

Honda reveals its upgraded 2020 CRF line of dirt bikes image


The 2020 Honda CRF250R motocrosser gets engine upgrades, including a revised cam profile, updated intake and exhaust valves, a reshaped combustion chamber, and a new tune that enhances low to midrange power. It gets a larger air filter, new head pipes, and stronger clutch springs, while the exhaust resonator has been removed. Like the previous CRF450R, the CRF250R’s chassis has been revised to shed weight and its new swingarm exhibits better flex. The battery is repositioned and its suspension is revised. The 2020 CRF250R will be globally available in Red around July 2019, costing $7,999.

Honda reveals its upgraded 2020 CRF line of dirt bikes image


The 2020 Honda CRF250RX enduro is perfect for those who prefer the cheaper, lighter, more agile, and more versatile little sibling of the powerful CRF450RX to take on narrower dirt tracks. This trail bike receives all the updates enjoyed by the CRF250R, while getting the RX’s enduro-specific features like a larger fuel tank, 18-inch rear wheel, distinct suspension settings, a side stand, and more. The 2020 CRF250RX will be globally rolled out in Red around August 2019, priced at $8,299.

Meanwhile the smaller-displacement dirt bikes in the CRF range seem to remain unchanged. Other Honda motorcycles in the CRF range include the CRF250F, CRF250L, CRF250L Rally, CRF150R, CRF150F, CRF150L, CRF125F, CRF110F, and CRF50F.