Honda PH pays tribute to delivery riders

Honda Philippines, Inc., the no. 1 motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines, salutes the delivery riders working hard through the quarantine to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of essential goods and services. Honda Philippines expressed their thanks and appreciation to these brave heroes, calling them the real idols and game changers.

Honda Philippines salutes delivery riders image

According to a report titled “Consumer Behavior During The Pandemic,”  lockdowns and quarantines have reduced mobility by 80 percent in the Philippines and Malaysia, and 60 percent in Singapore and Vietnam. Traffic was reduced due strict quarantine measures imposed by various governments to encourage its citizens to stay at home and prevent the spread of the virus.

Honda Philippines salutes delivery riders image

Because of this, the country has become reliant on the e-Commerce industry and the delivery services they provide, bringing vital food and medical needs to those who cannot leave their homes. Riders from motorcycle taxi-hailing apps have shifted their services from providing transportation for people to delivering food and other essential goods, allowing their partner-riders to continue making a living even in the face of the pandemic.

Of course, couriers have been allowed to operate as long as they maintain safety precautions imposed by the government’s guidelines, like wearing facemasks and gloves, and practicing proper hygiene when transacting with customers. This has put delivery couriers among the country’s most important frontliners.

Honda Philippines salutes delivery riders image

“I am proud to see that our motorcycles have become indispensable and are being used with a great purpose. A purpose of keeping people safe at home and encouraging social distancing, during this crisis.  We also commend the effort of our Hero Riders as they offer courage and aid during this crisis,” said Susumu Mitsuishi, President of Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI). 

Among the many motorcycles used by these couriers are the Honda BeAT and Honda Click, proof of the predominant favor for Honda products. This shows that the company has been true to its “One Dream” campaign, which is helping fulfill people’s dream while experiencing the joy of mobility, and even in today’s challenging times, provide a safer way even for people staying at home to access badly needed necessities.

In its social media site, Honda PH uploaded a graphic depicting the delivery riders, with the rider's motorcycle and uniform changing color to honor the delivery riders of various food and package delivery services.