New colors for BeAT and CBR150R

Honda beefs up its offerings in the 150-cc class with two all-new motorcycles, launched at the Inside Racing Bike Festival at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Honda Philippines launches PCX150, CRF150L


Headlining their program was the launch of the all-new automatic scooter, the PCX150. The PCX is Honda's flagship automatic scooter, boasting of premium deisgn, a relaxing driving position and features typically found in larger bikes.

Honda Philippines launches PCX150, CRF150L

The PCX150 is unlocked with a smart key system and brought to life with an ACG starter. An Idling Stop System turns off the engine when idling at traffic lights and starts it up again with a twist of the throttle.

Once rolling, it is highly visible on the road with all-LED lighting equipment and a hazard lamp switch. Finally, it also comes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for quick and drama free stops.

Honda Philippines launches PCX150, CRF150L


Another all-new model was unveiled in the form of the CRF150L. It carries over the aggressive look of the CRF250R and is powered by a 150cc PGM-Fi engine.

Honda Philippines launches PCX150, CRF150L

Keeping it aloft is an inverted front fork. More off-road additions include reinforcements, a detachable mudguard and RR fender.

Honda has yet to reveal the prices and availability of the two all-new 150cc models.

Honda Philippines launches PCX150, CRF150L

BeAT and CBR150R

Despite the arrival of an all-new automatic scooter, Honda hasn't forgotten its bestseller, the BeAT, with new stripes and nine new colors to cater to younger tastes. Like before, it's still offered with Honda Smart Technology and Enhanced Smart Power features.

Finally, Honda unveiled a new Mat Gunpowder Black color variant for the CBR150R. The new color features a new stripe design. Little has changed with the bike, still offered with a DOHC engine with a 6-speed transmission and a bank angle sensor.