Highly-anticipated model to be launched soon

Two months ago, MotoPinas.com was one of the first to reveal news of the launching of the Honda ADV 150 scooter in Indonesia. The newest Honda scooter is clearly inspired by the class 2 winner of the grueling 7,000-kilometer Gibraltar Race – the Honda X-ADV 750, a radical maxi-scooter built for adventure riding.

Yesterday, Honda Philippines posted a teaser on their social media page for an upcoming model to be launched. The silhouette appears to line up with the ADV 150, which Honda says will be launched “soon”.

Honda ADV 150 now in the Philippines image

Days before this, photos were already circulating on the internet claiming that the ADV 150 has already arrived in the country. One of our friends, who happens to operate a few Honda dealerships, confirmed this information with MotoPinas.com. Here's the catch: due to high demand overseas, the Philippines might only get 150 units per month from Indonesia, where these scooters are being produced. Our friend also revealed that since production is hardly catching up to demand, Indonesian customers have to wait three months for their ADV 150 units — even those who have already fully paid. 

Another factor confirming out theory is a big aftermarket accessories company in Caloocan that has told MotoPinas.com that it has already ordered a large shipment of accessories for the said scooter, in anticipation of the high demand for the ADV 150. This only means that they too have already been told about the arrival of the ADV 150 here in the country, weeks before the first photos began circulating the net.

Honda ADV 150 now in the Philippines imageThe owner of this photo claims that the ADV 150 scooters has already arrived at a port in the Philippines.

Could this be the new scooter Honda Philippines will launch this weekend? If so, how much is the SRP? Based on what's circulating on social media, the ADV 150's SRP might be between PhP140,000 up to as much as PhP169,000.

Would you trade in your current bike for this one?