Honda unveils tech to achieve zero-traffic collision fatalities by 2050

Late in April of this year, Honda announced that they will be embarking on an ambitious program to help make our streets safer. And they plan to do this by incorporating technology into driving and riding Honda automobiles and motorcycles.

“Honda will strive for zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles globally by 2050,” said Honda CEO, Toshihiro Mibe. Mibe also added that to eliminate motorcycle collision fatalities especially in emerging countries, Honda will “continue to strengthen research on safety technologies that enable motorcycles and automobiles to safely coexist and lead the way in realizing a collision-free society.”

Prediction through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With Honda’s “Safe and Sound Technology,” information about potential risks in the traffic environment, which are detected based on information obtained from roadside cameras, onboard cameras and smartphones, will be aggregated in the server to reproduce that traffic environment in the virtual space. In that virtual space, in consideration of the conditions and characteristics of each individual road user, the system predicts/simulates the behaviors of road users at high risk of a collision. Then, the system derives the most appropriate support information to help the road users avoid such risks.

Such support information will be communicated intuitively to automobile drivers, motorcycle riders, and pedestrians through “cooperative risk HMI (human-machine interface),” which will make it possible for the system to encourage road users to take action to avoid a collision before it happens.

Honda developing AI to help predict and avoid collision risks image

According to Honda, the company is targeting the testing and effectiveness of the system within the next few years, while standardization with industry-wide private-public collaboration will commence after 5 years. Honda also hopes to deploy the technology for “real world” applications sometime after 2030.

Just imagine that: a future where your Honda motorcycle will help you decide the best course of action against any incoming risk you might encounter while riding. How they'll make it come true is something we just have to wait for to see.