Honda dealer in UK lends 20 PCX scooters to volunteer delivery workforce

A Honda motorcycle dealer in Kent, southeastern England has lent a fleet of 20 PCX scooters to a volunteer workforce to help deliver essential supplies to vulnerable members of the public.

Maidstone Honda has lent a total of 20 Honda PCX 125 scooters to deliver prescriptions and medical supplies to members of the local community deemed most vulnerable at this time and unable to leave their houses, like the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

“It’s inspiring how quickly 750,000 people signed-up to NHS Volunteer Responders in the UK,” said Neil Fletcher, Head of Motorcycles at Honda UK. The NHS or the National Health Service is in some way, similar to our very own PhilHealth.

“I’m delighted to see Maidstone Honda playing its part at this difficult time, despite being closed for regular business. We wholly endorse their decision to supply the scooters to boost all-important delivery capacity in the local community, ensuring those at high-risk receive the supplies they need.”

Similarly here in the country, a similar program was run by an electric kick scooter community. The community has lent their scooters to medical field frontliners in Pasig and serving at the Philippine General Hospital. The beneficiaries will use the electric kick scooters to make their daily commute a little easier since transport is very limited due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

If you know of any similar programs by the Philippine motorcycle industry to help ease the burden of those who are greatly affected by this crisis, let us know with a message or comment.

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