Two new 250cc bikes

The global pandemic has brought a lot of challenges to the way we live our daily lives. For motorcycle riders, that means a big limit to the beautiful destinations we can ride to, especially during weekends. With travel restricted to essential trips only, leisure riding to the country’s best destinations is still largely regulated to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. 

For this reason, a lot of motorcycle riders have since tried (and have been enjoying) off-road riding in the mountains, where there are fewer people and almost zero risk of getting COVID.

Not surprisingly, the demand for off-road/enduro motorcycles perfect for this task have sky-rocketed. Honda and Kawasaki have heard you and will introduce their 2022 MY (model year) enduro bikes.

Honda CRF 250RX

Honda and Kawasaki PH to introduce

For Honda Philippines, they will be introducing the ’22 CRF 250RX. The “RX” is the enduro-tuned version of Honda’s winning motocross bike, the CRF 250R. The RX shares the same engine as its motocross sibling, offering well-rounded performance throughout the rev-range – with the same peak power and low-rpm torque upgrade – but with new fuelling and ignition mapping to soften the power delivery for a wider range of conditions.

Honda and Kawasaki PH to introduce

Other features include HRC Launch Control (3 modes), 3 engine mapping modes, a larger airbox, a lighter frame, and a 9-plate clutch basket. Total weight is listed at 108 kg.

SRP is PHP 469,000. Delivery dates are yet to be announced.


Honda and Kawasaki PH to introduce

Kawasaki will be bringing their winning KX 250X into the country. Like Honda’s CRF 250RX, the KX 250X is the enduro bike version of the KX 250R motocross bike. The engine’s mapping is tuned to provide much-needed power across the rev range and has a softer suspension setting to take on rocks, ruts, and even log jumps in the far mountain trails. Total weight is listed at 109 kg.

Honda and Kawasaki PH to introduce

According to our friends from Kawasaki Cavite, the ’22 MY KX 250X will be available with an SRP of PHP 450,000 and will be in their showroom by the end of October.