HD patent files suggest inclusion of 350cc bike in their 2023 lineup

Three years ago, industry insiders reported that Harley-Davidson will be putting sub-400cc bikes in their showrooms with a QJ-made bike bearing a 350cc twin-cylinder engine coupled with a Benelli 302 chassis.

We may see this bike in the flesh this 2023.

Based on records found in the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were about a couple of new Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) that was filed by Harley-Davidson, particularly, for their 2023 lineup which will be officially announced on January 18.

Using a VIN decoder, we could have an idea of what model and displacement the upcoming motorcycle will have, and a 353cc bike is included.

Benelli 302’s cousin

Qianjiang (QJ) Motorcycle – the owner of the Italian brand Benelli, will be the one who will manufacture Harley-Davidson’s X350RA in one of its facilities in China. Since QJ also owns Benelli, the Harley-Davidson X350RA will share many of the 302S components, including its trellis chassis.

The X350RA is aimed at younger riders who wish to start riding a Harley-Davidson without the intimidation of a roaring V-twin which the American brand is known for. The X350RA is also aimed at the highly lucrative 300cc-400cc Asian motorcycle market.

Power output is rated at 24 PS. 

January 18 reveal

While the recent NHTSA records may give us a glimpse of Harley-Davidson’s 2023 lineup, which includes a six-bike anniversary series of the brand’s mainstays, it’s not final until the official 120th-anniversary kickoff on January 18.