Aquaman star, Jason Momoa, to endorse Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Aquaman and Game of Thrones star, Jason Momoa, could be the future endorser of Harley-Davidson.

This was announced as part of the Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer’s plans to revitalize the company. Called Rewire, Harley’s new strategy entails streamlining its business by focusing on its most profitable products, improving support through parts and services, and more selective new model launches.

For months, Harley has talked about its Rewire plan with very few details given. Now those details have been shared which includes streamlining planned motorcycle models by approximately 30 percent; balancing investments between current stronghold categories and new, high-potential segments. It also hopes to expanding product offerings of its best-selling, iconic motorcycles. It will launch its first Adventure Touring motorcycle, Pan America 1250, in 2021. Product launch timing will be moved to earlier in the year. Finally, the company is set to launch a new marketing campaign with "a collaboration with Jason Momoa to celebrate the shared journey and unrelenting spirit of Harley-Davidson."

Harley-Davidson tapping Jason Momoa as endorser image

Jason Momoa has always expressed his fondness for motorcycles, frequently posting pictures of himself on motorcycles, particularly rat-rod style, rusted custom cruisers like in the photo above. Tapping Momoa may be one of its more laudable plans as the star appeals to younger segments yet retains the macho image Harley-Davidson has cultivated over the years. It is hoped his passion for the brand, and fondness for customizing, will resonate well with customers and encourage new buyers to look into the brand.

There are no details yet on how Momoa will promote Harley, though it’s evident that will focus on his passion for the brand and how easy it is to customize and make it your own.