Harley-Davidson has indeed produced an all-new engine after the company unveiled the Milwaukee-Eight motor. According to the motorcycle brand, the new engine will deliver less vibrations while at the same have more torque.

The updated motor will keep the classic 45-degree V-twin cylinder angle but now produces 10-percent more torque and 50-percent more intake and exhaust flow capacity with its four-valve cylinders.

“These are the most powerful, most responsive and most comfortable touring motorcycles ever offered by Harley-Davidson,” said Scott Miller, Harley-Davidson vice president of styling and product development strategy.

The new Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine

On the other hand, Alex Bozmoski, chief powertrain engineer in Harley-Davidson, stated that the new engines will continue the company's legacy of big-twin engines into the future.

“While respecting the essential big twin character, we’ve created an all-new motor. Every aspect of performance, durability and styling has been improved as a direct response to the voice of Harley-Davidson customers around the world,” added Bozmoski.

As the new engine maintains the classic feel of the V-twin, Harley-Davidson also claimed it will run smooth even at highway speeds. With this counterbalanced engine, it can cancel at least 75-percent of the primary vibration during stand by.

The Milwaukee-Eight engine for the CVO lineup

The Milwaukee-Eight engine will be available in two displacements: 1753cc and 1868cc. The bigger engine will be available in Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO), particularly the CVO Street Guide and CVO Limited.

On September 23, Harley-Davidson said that they intended to reveal in public the new engine together with the all-new front and rear suspension at the 2017 touring motorcycle lineup.