Harley-Davidson muscle bike could be announced within the year

In 2019, Harley-Davidson (H-D) unveiled their (then) future muscle bike, the Bronx, which would have been powered by the same engine as the (then) upcoming Pan America. Unfortunately for the Bronx, the Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer encountered a couple of bumps since 2019 and has canceled it entirely.

Now that the Pan America is out, leaked images suggest that another Revolution Max 1250 V-twin-based cruiser may be out within the year.

Rumored 1250 Custom

While the Pan America is pretty much uncharted territory for H-D, building cruisers has been their forte. With a lot of development invested in the new Revolution Max 1250 engine, it appears its use will not be limited to the Pan America.

Industry insiders say H-D is indeed developing a new motorcycle powered by the new Revolution Max engine, intended to replace the aging Sporster.

Though the specifics of the new '1250 Custom' (if it sees production) are still shrouded in secrecy, it was said that the boys from Milwaukee could make it the most technologically-advanced cruiser to roll out of their factory.

Packed with Harley Tech

Clearly, if this sees production, the new 1250 Custom could go head-to-head with BMW when it coems to technology. The Pan America, with its novel ride height adjustment feature, is something we'd expect to see in a BMW’s R 1250 GS adventure bike.

Will H-D follow the same tech path and show us a few more tricks? The answer might be yes.

For starters, H-D has designed the Revolution Max to be part of the Pan America’s chassis, therefore saving weight. The 1250 Custom might also employ a similar stressed-engine design for its chassis, as well as a complete package of electronic rider aids.